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This Winter, Don’t be Left in the Cold - NEVER RUN OUT OF OIL AGAIN!
Cold, frustrated, embarrassed. If you’ve ever run out of oil before, you know the feeling. One of the biggest nightmares for any homeowner is unexpectedly finding the oil tank empty, always at the worst time—in the middle of the night, celebrating a holiday, relaxing on the weekend. With OilAlert, however—an easy-to-use gauge that warns you when your oil level is low—you’ll never run out of oil again. Plus, OilAlert gives you a handle on rising oil costs by allowing you to control how much oil you want and when you want it

Don’t be left in the cold this winter! Let OilAlert give you peace of mind and financial control over your oil purchasing decisions.

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OilAlert gets tremendous response
at Mohegan Sun Home Show

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OilAlert is a simple, safe and foolproof way to monitor the amount of oil in your home heating tank.
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